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High School Unit Plan for Printmaking and Bookarts Course: Paste Paper Explosion Books

paste paper explosion book lesson 1
Lesson 1: Paste Paper
paste paper explosion book lesson 2
Lesson 2: Making the Book


paste paper explosion book lesson 3
Lesson 3: Critique


Assessment Samples

Formative: This assessment is for use during an Art 1 clay unit. Students work collaboratively to explore slip, plastic clay, leather hard clay, bone dry clay, and bisqueware, and record their observations and predictions in the chart. The teacher can then use this information to do individual, small group, or full class lessons on clay techniques as needed.

formative assessment play with clay

Summative: This assessment is to be used at the end of a unit in any high school art class. Students will save evidence of their work and process throughout the unit. They will then use this evidence to help them make a storyboard detailing their progress through the work.

ehodgkin summative assessment

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